An Apprenticeship program offers theoretical training and field experience while simultaneously providing paid compensation. 

Apprenticeships provide the foundation to building confidence and clientele. The beauty industry provides countless career opportunities and the pathway to entrepreneurship. Peninsula Academy Apprenticeship program reduces a seven year process to two years, and once apprentices pass the licensing exam they return to their job and maintain their established clientele.

Apprenticeship is a unique program, where upon successful completion, the apprentice is a licensed stylist or barber with unlimited potential and opportunity.  Peninsula Academy networks with salons and barbershops, manicurists and skincare artists to ensure job placement for Apprentices. Peninsula Academy also works with high school diploma programs to help individuals obtain their GED. 

Peninsula Academy is an apprenticeship program with 60+ years of combined experience. We are an educational facility where students earn while they learn.

After 39 hours of general education, the apprentice receives a California State Apprentice License and can begin working in a salon or barbershop.

Upon receipt of the state license, apprentices will attend class one day a week for 220 hours of theoretical and hands-on training inclusive of State Board Training. In addition, the apprentice will also participate in paid on-the-job training.

At Peninsula Academy our mission statement is self-empowerment:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


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